Man o' War Gin

Man o' War Gin

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'Man o' War' is a complex Navy Strength Gin, with flavour that swirls in your mouth like an Ocean wave. Although a high ABV Gin at 58.0%, this is a smooth gin with many layers of flavour to peel back. It starts with a Juniper, Citrus and a floral nose, which transitions into sweet jam and spice.

This Gin is great to drink neat, hydrated with some water or to have with an ice cube. Or try it with soda, tonic water or any cocktail.

It is made with Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Grains of Paradise, Cubeb Berries, Orris Root and Yuzu Peel.

What is Navy Strength?

Back in the days of sails, when ships were made of wood, and men where made of steel, there was no way to measure alcohol content in spirits. This becomes a problem if the gunpowder becomes wet from a damaged cask of spirits during action; and if you're stationed on a 'Man o' War,' and the gunpowder would not ignite to fire the cannons, then this could become a grime day. 

In the Royal Navy they developed a way to test the alcohol content by mixing gun powder with the spirit into a paste and if it ignited then this was known to be 100 proof. After this, the Royal Navy would only buy spirits 100 proof or above and commonly Gin for the Officers and Rum for the Sailors.

A Sikes Hydrometer was developed in 1816 and 100 proof was then know to be 57% ABV. As a matter of tradition since the development of the Sikes Hydrometer, they still sought alcohol at 57% ABV.

The Voyage Numbers

 Voyage Number Number of bottles  ABV
1 84 58.0%

When ordering, you will receive the latest batch.

500ml bottle only.