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Cellar Door open 10am - 9 pm, Friday to Sunday

What Makes us stand above the rest

Welcome to Hold Fast Distillery! Anchored in over 70 years of maritime service, our veteran-led team celebrates the spirit of the sea with a nautical touch in our branding. Proudly embedded in the Braidwood community, our commitment extends beyond crafting exceptional Whisky, Gin, Vodka, and Liqueurs. Every bottle reflects our dedication — from meticulous manual production to handwritten labels.

Our distillation techniques are inspired by Scottish traditions, while our blending approach is influenced by Japanese artistry. We prioritize sourcing premium Australian ingredients, and when needed, complement them with the finest international produce. Join us on a voyage of taste and legacy.

Our process is unique in approach as it’s a combination of a variety of processes from around the world. Firstly we focus on sourcing the best produce from Australia and where we can’t we get the best stuff internationally. Our distilling process are Scottish while or approach to blending is Japanese.

Meet Johne Our 500L still

Which is a 4 Stage Column Still with a hybrid heating system of either direct steam or electric water bath. This gives us a balanced & uniformed heating around the boiler eliminating the burning or scolding of botanicals or wash.

This in turn brings a better extraction of flavour from the botanicals and allows us to have a more unique profile in our production. Also this gives us exceptional fusion of flavour with our spirit, allowing us to have a better bodied Gin.

Cellar Door Located in the historic Troopers Rest

Built in 1860, this restored building is picturesque


202 Wallace Street
Braidwood, NSW 2622
+61 406 083 963

Monday - Sunday 12 - 5 pm

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