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Treasure Fleet Vodka

Hold Fast Distillery

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Treasure Fleet Vodka is a true masterpiece, adorned with the opulence of 23 karat gold. This radiant infusion of gold not only enhances the vodka's appearance but also underscores its exceptional quality. As you gently swirl the bottle, the gold shimmers and dances, a captivating prelude to the extraordinary experience that awaits.


Crafted with a meticulous blend of wheat and malted barley, this vodka is a testament to craftsmanship and dedication. Each sip promises a journey into the realm of the extraordinary.

Whether you prefer to savor it neat, explore its mixing potential, or embark on a creative cocktail adventure, Treasure Fleet Vodka offers a world of possibilities for those who seek something truly special. Raise your glass to the treasure within, and let the golden allure guide your spirits on an unforgettable voyage.


500ml bottle only

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